— Diane McCloskey, Home Owner

We contacted KN Construction after receiving an insurance payment for hail damage to our roof and vinyls  siding.  Kevin Nelson was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in providing options for us.  

Originally we thought we would replace the vinyl siding for its low maintenance quality but Kevin offered a metal siding option for a more durable siding due to the potential in our area for high winds and extreme temperatures.  

Our home was over 20 years old, so we decided to make a major upgrade to its appearance as well.   With Kevin's help we opted for a darker color and added a stone veneer around the sides visible to the street.  He added a composite wood porch expanding the front entry way.   The best feature was the "sunburst" over the double garage door.  

The before and after greatly added to the investment in our home!   Next project for KN Construction is a back deck and fence!